Floating market in Thailand — is the old traditional way of selling vegetables, fruits, etc. from a small boat. Floating market usually is located on the intersection of few channels which connect few villages.

The excellent quality soil beside the canal is very fertile and suitable for growing many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Thai style canoes laden with colorful, succulent fruits, vegetables, sweets and meats, gently ply their way through the floating market’s canal.

About tour:

Tour will start at your hotel.

Guide will explain you variety of floating markets around Bangkok and will offer you to choose most suitable destination.

We will travel to floating market by taxi or by public transport – that depends on location of your hotel, location of floating market, time and your opinion.

At the floating market we will rent boat and have tour: to watch scenes of local life, countryside homes. You will have possibility to buy fruits and vegetables. For sure there will be a lot of sellers of Thai crafts and souvenirs at the floating market.

Cost of renting boat at floating market is not included into the tour’s price.

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