I was visiting Bangkok for the first time in December 2012. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time to see the city. Fortunately, Samit was able to serve as my guide for a day, and that made the day absolutely wonderful. He showed me the “must see” attractions, but also neighborhoods I was interested in and great views of the city from one of the many skyscrapers. It was a long day filled with a wide variety of sites and experiences — all made possible by Samit. It’s hard to imagine getting around Bangkok so easily and efficiently as it was with Samit. But, even more important, Samit was delightful to spend a day with. He’s a wonderful guy in every way. It was like seeing the city with a good and kind friend (who also happens to be an expert on Bangkok and Thailand). Anyone hiring Samit will have a better experience in Bangkok — and have the pleasure of being with a truly special guy. I know I’ll definitely want to see Samit again when I return to Bangkok.