I am a solo traveller who had a full day/night tour with Mike which to me, was the highlight of my trip.

Mike is an incredible asset to this company. He is not only a guide/companion, but someone that fully embodies what Thailand symbolizes (Land of Smiles). Whether you want a very structured tour or just explore key/specific areas, he goes above and beyond what a guide does. Constantly in contact throughout and up to start of tour, he makes it seem like not a tour at all. I had muay thai boxer shorts I needed to get for a friend which he helped me obtain with good quality and price. I had an incredibly fun trip with many memories I will remember forever. He even challenged me as a person(in a good way!) which helped gauge what interests to see during tour.

What makes trips and memories unforgettable is through the people you meet along the way.

Mike, I wish you all the best in everything you do. Already looking forward to the next time with new memories (Will make it happen yea? =D)

Cheers and keep in touch!