Questions and Answers:

Answers are separated to few categories. If you have own questions – please don’t hesitate to ask us via contact form.

1. Tours

Can I hire companion for the whole day?

Yes, you can. You can hire single companion for escort you up to 14 hours per day (US$99). Please choose “Day + Night tour” option.

Can I hire companion for a few days?

Yes, sure. Please put your orders separately – on each day – for to be sure if companion isn’t booked already.

2. Could you please…?

Could you please pick-up me at airport?

Yes, sure. Price is $50 and includes waiting for you up to 4 hours in the airport and escorting you in taxi, private car or train to your hotel (by your choice, you will pay transportation cost). Nonrefundable deposit may be required.


Could you please escort me in other cities?

Yes, sure. Guide will be with you up to 14 hours per day. Price is US$99 per day. Also you will cover cost of food for guide and will pay for additional single bed or room in hotel.


Could you please escort me inside Bangkok without tour?

Yes, sure. Minimal order 8 hours, US$79, each next hour – US$5, 14 hours per day max.


Could you please arrange me car to the Thai border?

Yes, we can. We can arrange taxi from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet/Poipet – border of Thailand with Cambodia (about 400 km, about 4 hours). You should order this service at least 12 hours in advance. Price is 3500 Baht per car (in total).


Could you please be my remote concierge?

Sure, we can. It is remote service: we receive your requests by e-mail or by phone.


We can arrange meetings, hire cars, order hotels, tickets, make short translations by phone (example: you stop taxi, but driver don’t speak English, then you call to us and explain your demands and give phone to driver and we will translate your words to driver in Thai and his answer back to you in English).

Price of this service is 1000 Baht per day, service: from 8am till midnight with unlimited quantity of phone calls. Please contact us if you need round-o-clock service.

1-day nonrefundable deposit is required in advance.

3. Payments:

When should I pay?

We will issue invoice and You will pay deposit 20% for to secure your booking by PayPal or by bank card not late than in 14 days before your tour. Deposit is 100% refundable in case of guide’s “no show”. Rest amount You will pay at the end of tour to companion. Cash only, Thai bahts.

You can revoke your deposit at any time (minus commission of PayPal), but if You will ask for refund less than in 7 days before service has to be started, we will deduct from your deposit $10, less than in 72 hours deduction will be 100%.



Can I pay by PayPal or by a bank’s card?

Yes, it is possible. Please write it in commentary box at time of booking.

4. Prices:

What is included in the price of the tour?

In the price of the tour is included service (time) of the companion and local taxes. Cost of your tickets, entrance fee, cost of the transportation, a food and other expenses are not included.


Is price “per person” or “per tour”?

Our prices are per tour. Max 3 persons (3 persons + guide + driver = full car). If your group is bigger than 3 persons – we can still manage that tour, but each next person will cost you +33% to regular price.


How can I calculate your prices?

It is very easy: minimal oder is 8 hours before sunset and/or 6 hours after sunset. Prices are US$79 for first 8 hours before sunset, US$49 for first 6 hours after sunset. Each next hour cost US$5.


We have discounts for long tours (please refer “Discounts” FAQ)

You say “Baht”??? What it is??

Local currency in Thailand has name “Thai Baht”. Exchange rate is around 35 Baht per US $1.


Do you have discounts?

Yes, we have discounts. Please read next section of answers.


5. Gay tours:

Can I be nude in the gay sauna?

Public nudity is prohibited in Thailand by The Royal Law. In some gay saunas staff don’t mind if visitor is nude in the steam rooms and in the jacuzzi (under the roof, not on the terrace or in the garden).

Will be you naked for the gay sauna tour?

Public nudity is prohibited in Thailand by The Royal Law.

6. Sex:

Can I buy your time for “special” services?

We don’t sell our bodies. We are the companions, not a prostitutes.

Can I have sex with you?

Sorry, it isn’t rent-a-boy or dating website. We don’t offer and don’t provide any sexual service.

7. Discounts

Holders of UTOPIA cards

Holders of UTOPIA cards have 10% discounts.

What if I will book day and evening tour at the same day?

14 hours in one day will cost you US$99 instead of US$128.

Discounts for members of local gay online community?

Members of Sawatdee Gay Thailand forums have 10% discount (discount should be requested at forum in advance).

Can I merge discounts?

No, sorry. Please choose one only.

8. About us:

Are you gays?

Yes, we are.

Who are you?

We are a small group of friends – students of the faculty of hospitality and tourism. This site is our “base”.  Work with visitors helps to us to grow our experience in hospitality and helps to us to pay our education in UNI.

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