Mike was a very friendly, fun, and amazing tour guide that was able to entertain both a first time tourist to Bangkok and a visitor that’s been a few times. He was very easy to coordinate and schedule with even with short notice. That’s a power beyond the reach of some people lol. Aside from being good at directions and public transit, he was very good at getting us other means of travel like Grab and boats! He got me a boat to myself at the floating market and we avoided the line! He’s very personable and great to have while shopping. He helped find what I wanted even when I was vague. He also provided the right amount of encouragement to let me just enjoy my time as a tourist. I did a few things that I would’ve been too shy to do or to scared to eat but Mike helped me out of my shell. With Mike, we were able to enjoy our time in Bangkok because of his able guidance and sincere desire for his clients to enjoy the city!